Aim Small-Miss Small - The Art of a Perfect Shotgun Shot!

Aim Small, Miss Small is the Banner of Success when it comes to Turkey Hunting. Master Your Precision During Target Shooting Practice and You are Ahead of the Game When it Comes to Getting in the Woods and Calling in that Big Beautiful Wild Turkey.

Getting Your Turkey Set-up for the Perfect Shot

Do you need to get your turkey set up for that perfect shot, but you are not sure how? When it comes to successful turkey hunting skills, finding the perfect turkey set-up is key to being a successful hunter. There are many small considerations when it comes to finding and maintaining the perfect turkey set-up. Here are some important tips for improving your turkey set-up so that you can improve your success in the woods. See More Tips for Improving Your Shot Here

Kill Shot Tips for the Turkey Bow Hunter

Are you interested in going turkey shooting with a bow and arrow? If so, here are some tips for getting you started. Turkey hunting with a bow and arrow is, after all, very different than shooting with a shotgun. Bow and arrow hunting requires many different considerations than conventional shotgun hunting. Here are some tips to get you started. See Tips for the Turkey Bow Hunter Here

How to Pattern your Shotgun for Hunting Turkeys

Hunting for turkey is not so much different than hunting other game in the woods, but one difference might be the size. To be able to hit such a small target, it is of utmost importance to pattern the shotgun. Not balancing and zeroing the shotgun might keep a hunter from being able to hit that turkey. There are a few things that might help a hunter pattern his gun. Read the Full Article about Setting Up a Shotgun Here

During the Turkey Hunt: Achieving Pattern Perfection

When you first prepare for turkey hunting, you will hear a lot about which guns work best. But no matter what, you will want to rely on a gun which is comfortable for you when shooting and which you are confident using. Achieving Pattern Perfection can be accomplished when careful practice is done to shoot small and precise. Not only does this depend on you but requires you to think about what choices you have in ammunition and choosing the correct gun choke to get the job done.Be Sure to Check Out this Great Article on Perfecting Your Shot Pattern Here

Gun and Bow Tips for the Turkey Hunter

Turkeys can be hunted with many different arms, including guns and bows. Turkeys are very wary and fast and therefore, hunting with knives or similar is just not possible. Whenever a hunter goes hunting for turkey, he has to make sure that he checks the local hunting laws and regulations in regards to arms. Generally these laws allow a shotgun with a gauge somewhere between gauge 10 to 20 and shot sizes between #4 and #6, as well as bows. Bow pulls must be similar to bows allowed for deer hunting. Some places even allow rifles and handguns as hunting gear during fall.Gun and Bow Tips for the Turkey Hunter

Run & Gun Turkey Hunting

Running and gunning is one of the most exciting ways to pursue North Americas largest game bird; Meleagris Gallopavo (the Wild Turkey). It is a slang term for the technique of covering a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time; stopping only periodically to call and listen for a response. The practice of running and gunning is generally a mid-morning tactic which is used after early morning efforts turned out to be fruitless.  This technique requires a good bit of stamina and an intimate knowledge of the land on the hunters part. One big knock against running and gunning is that it can put undue stress on birds, educating them to the presence of hunters, and making them very hard to hunt in the future. Find Out How to Run & Gun Turkey Hunt Here