Plucking, Skinning and Cooking Your Tasty Turkey Bird

Everything you need to know about skinning and cutting up your turkey including meat prep for the freezer and yummy turkey recipes too!

How to Cajun Fry your Wild Turkey Bounty

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, this is the perfect recipe for all wild turkey lovers. But perhaps you think that Cajun fried wild turkey is too complicated for your limited cooking skills, or that there is nothing much to it. However, you can make this delicious recipe no matter what time of the year it happens to be. Here are some tips on how you can Cajun fry your wild turkey bounty. See How to Cajun Fry your Wild Turkey Here

Guidelines for Skinning and Cutting Up your Turkey

So you have just gotten off a successful turkey hunt. What do you do next? Field dressing is often the most important and crucial part of a turkey hunting expedition. Here are some general guidelines for skinning and cutting up your trophy turkey prize. This Article Covers: Removing Removing the Feathers, Skinning Your Turkey, and the Best Way to Cut Up Your Turkey for Meat. How to Guide for Skinning, Cutting and Preparing your Turkey for the Freezer

Fancy Feather Work Tips on Plucking your Wild Fowl

There are numerous ways to pluck wild fowl, and nearly every experienced hunter has his or her own preferred method. One of the most popular methods of plucking wild fowl involves cleaning the wild turkey by plucking all the feathers off, and then gutting the bird afterwards. This method allows for the skin to remain on the turkey, which many preparers prefer. See Tips and Hints for Plucking Your Wild Fowl Continue reading

Selling Your Turkey Feathers for Real Money?

A common question is if a turkey hunter can sell the feathers after the hunt. The answer is possibly yes but you need to do your research as each state has its own regulations regarding the re-use and selling of turkey feathers. States that allow Turkey Hunting are probably going to be less restrictive but you can get a final answer on selling your feathers by checking first with the The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Learn how to Prepare Your Turkey Feathers for Sale