Tips and Info for the Newbie Turkey Hunter

If you are a Newbie Turkey Hunter, you have come to the right place. We are all about hunting and enjoy encouraging new hunters who are looking forward to their first hunt. Check out our site to see some great tips for first time turkey hunters that can give you insight and hopefully help you succeed in bringing home your fist bird!

Advice for the Newbie Turkey Hunter

Are you a newbie spring turkey hunter getting ready for your first hunt? If so, here are some tips for getting started in this often-exciting activity. Spring turkey hunting is prime time for gobblers, and it is the time of year where many new hunters experience the first thrill of hunting. Here are some guidelines that can help get you started.Are You a Newbie Turkey Hunter - Best Advise Found Here

Before the Hunt: Preparing Yourself For Turkey Hunting

Before you depart on your turkey hunting trip it is imperative that you prepare for the situation. While you may not use every item you pack it is better to have a few too many supplies versus not enough. When packing for turkey hunting there is a lot of equipment you will need. The first piece of equipment is a shotgun. You will also need turkey loads as well as a turkey choke tube. You should bring patterning targets and a camo blind where it is legal. You should pack a seat, a cushioned stool, a shotgun sling, turkey decoys, a camera, a gun rest, as well as a chair and a TheramCell. You will also want to pack ratchet cutters, insect repellent, a knife, a compass, maps, a flashlight, trail ribbon, camo tape, and binoculars. Lastly, be sure to bring a first aid kit, a water bottle, and a cooler. Whew...Sounds like a lot to think about. Remember to Prepare for Your Turkey Hunt Early

The Gear Every Turkey Hunter Needs

When a hunter plans a hunting trip, he cannot just grab a shotgun or whatever other arms he owns and walk into the fields and bushes with his jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses. The reason this is not a very good choice in clothing for a hunter is that turkeys actually have very good eyesight. Therefore, to fool a turkeys eye, much disguise is needed to succeed in shooting a bird. Besides the fact that turkeys can see color, some studies have shown that a turkey seems to be able to perceive everything within its range of vision in an instant. Therefore camouflage is just as necessary as the skill of holding and sitting still.See the Full List of Hunting Gear You Need Here

Basic Rules and Tactics Turkey Hunters Should Know

Whether a first time hunter or an experienced one, there are many basic rules that a hunter should know and keep in mind whenever he goes hunting. For many, turkey hunting is a fun sport and a very exciting activity to undertake. Many states allow turkey hunting and even have a season in spring and fall. Most turkeys however are hunted in the spring season, when hunters are also out for other game. During spring, due to mating season, only male and young male turkeys are allowed to be harvested, while in some places in fall, male and female birds can be harvested. Basic Rules of Turkey Hunting

XXX Marks the Perfect Turkey Hunting Spot

If "X" marks the perfect hunting spot, then how can the X be found? This might be one of a hunters most important questions. There are many things that play a role in finding the perfect hunting spot for turkey hunting and some of the tips will be shared in this article.Continue Reading to Find that Perfect Turkey Getting Spot

General Mistakes to Avoid During Your Turkey Hunt

In order to be a successful turkey hunter, there are some things you should avoid doing. Every hunter is bound to make some mistakes while in the woods, but here are some of the few things that you should generally steer clear of in order to be a successful turkey hunter. Avoid Standing, Wearing Camo, & More Hunting Tips You Need to Know

Turkey Recovery after the Shot

Most people do not know that game recovery is one of the most important parts of the hunting trip. It is the crucial in first seconds after the shot. The hunter will have to find the turkey and it is a very serious part of the whole hunting experience. It is very important that right after the shot of a gun, or the release of an arrow, the hunter looks exactly at what is happening.Turkey Recovery after the Shot - Must Remember Tips

Turkey Hunting Help for the New Bowhunter

Bow hunting turkeys, or as a matter of fact, any game animal, is far more difficult than with the gun. Besides a good aim, in bow hunting, it is also important to have the right tension in the bow and also pull the bow good enough so that the arrow actually makes the distance intended. Many hunters will be able to tell, that bow hunting a turkey is one of the most challenging ways to hunt for turkeys. But many experienced gun hunters have the desire to bow hunt for their game. To be able to do so, a few tips might help the hunter to get on his way as a bow hunter. Help for the New Bowhunter

Tips for Turkey Scouting Before the Season Starts

>Tips for Turkey Scouting Just Before the Season Starts

You can be the best shot in the world and have your turkey calls down to a science, but if you don't end up in the right place at the right time, it will all be for nothing. Know where to find the turkeys before you ever step into the woods to hunt.

How to Know When to Move in on a Turkey

>As any turkey hunter can tell you, turkeys can move a lot quicker (and a lot smarter) than many people give them credit for. Any a perfect shot has been lost when a hunter tries to move in on a turkey at the wrong moment or when the hunter tries to make a fast adjustment to a new move made by the bird. If you want your turkey hunting trip to end in success, then the most important thing you can do is learn the right time to move in on a turkey. How to know its the right time to Move in on a Turkey.

Strategies for Defensive Hunting of Turkeys

>Strategies for Defensive Hunting of Turkeys

On a busy day, it can be hard for hunters to tell the difference between the sound of the turkeys and the sounds of their fellow hunters, and if you are especially convincing, the hunter could soon find themselves becoming the hunted, as other hunters take aim in your direction.This is why it is so important to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe out there while hunting turkeys. Here are a few hunting strategies you can use for Safer Turkey Hunts.

Your Packing Guide for Hunting Turkey in the Wild

What should you pack before your big wild turkey hunting expedition? If you are a novice to this exciting activity, here are some guidelines on how you should prepare for the big hunt. As the popularity of turkey hunting continues to expand, equipment companies have taken note and provided hunters with an ever-growing stable of hunting accessories and equipment. This means lot to pack and carry unless you can decide on whats most important. Here is an overview of what the pack for your hunt.