The Turkey Hunting Gear You Gotta Have List

At times it can be a hard task to know what equipment you really need when you're starting out turkey hunting. It can also be a real pain getting all your tackle together for a trip and making sure you're not overlooking something critical, even if you have been hunting for a while and have everything you need. That's where this checklist comes in. Print it and use it when shopping for equipment or when packing for a trip.See the Full Hunting Gear List Here

Six Basic Types of Turkey Calls

A large part of success in turkey hunting is determined by your ability to call your prey. Since sneaking up on turkeys is out of the question and stalking them as you would another kind of animal is too difficult, you need to call the turkeys in to you. Of course, not all turkey calls are created equal. There are certain kinds of calls that are right for certain kinds of situations and figuring out which call you need to make when will make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your turkey. The six basic turkey calls listen here will work for a number of different scenarios.Six Basic Types of Turkey Calls

You Need a Good Gun Cleaning Kit

Being a firearm enthusiast entails its own responsibilities and one of which is owning a good gun cleaning kit. A good kit should have all the things needed to provide your gun the utmost care it deserves. A basic set will typically include : a bottle of solvent, a bottle of lubricating oil, a rod, a jag, a patch holder and some patches. In most cases, you have to purchase a bore cleaning brush separately because they come in different sizes for various calibers of guns.What You Need in a Good Gun Cleaning Kit?

Turkey Decoys: Help or Hazard

In the spring, the countryside is waking up from a long winters nap and hunters who have long since put away their bows and guns start to get the itch to go looking for this years Thanksgiving dinner. This time of year, you are likely to run into hoards of camo clad men checking out the new turkey hunting gear at your local sporting goods store and without fail, the aisle that draws the most attention and the most arguing is the aisle that holds this years newest decoys. The top manufactures in the business display their newest products in fancy boxes whose contents are not only guaranteed to draw a mature Tom into gun range, but also whose packaging is designed to draw in buyers. The Potential Hazards of Using Turkey Decoys

Three Nice 9x40 Scopes for your Gun

It's not unusual for rifles and shotguns to seem like they are missing something without there 3-9x40 scopes or some kind of sighting device. It is getting increasingly popular for handguns to have them, as well. The primary cause is that it makes it easier to hit your target, when it is additional away, even though the guns might have the iron sights built in. By aiming via a magnifying scope or using a red dot laser sight, it's simpler to see your target and get a much more precise shot. Check Out these Beautiful Scopes for Your Gun

Sight Considerations for your Turkey Hunting Shotgun

Today's sight and shotgun technology have greatly reduced the instance of near misses. Today's sights and shotguns are equipped with super extra full chokes. These are designed to deliver super tight patterns, which can result in many more missed shots. There are some solutions for this trend. First, you will have to abandon the typical point-and-shoot mentality of the shot gunner and switch over to the aim-and-squeeze approach favored by more experienced marksmen. The best way to improve your shot and your shotgun is to add a spiffy new sight to your shotgun. Sight Choices for your Turkey Hunting Shotgun

How to Choose a Good Shotgun Choke Tube

Turkeys are notoriously hard animals to hunt. They scatter at the slightest noise, and they can move surprisingly fast. If you want to take down a turkey, you need a shot that is doesn't spray outwards and that instead delivers a tight concentration of buckshot to the turkeys head. To make sure your shotgun is delivering the right goods for the kill during a turkey hunt, you will need the right choke tube for the job. Without a decent choke tube on your gun, your turkey hunting is destined to end in disappointment and frustration. Learn More About Choosing the Choke Tube You Need

Choosing the Right Turkey Call for Your Hunt?

In turkey hunting, calling the birds is not as difficult as many beginners think. The first thing a beginning hunter needs to do is get to know the three basic calls every turkey makes which includes the yelp, the cluck and the purr. Once you become familiar with the sounds that turkeys make, you can decide which type of turkey call that might work best for you. There are 3 main choices when it comes to turkey calls and you can learn about each style here: Learn More about the Box Call, Slate Call and Mouth Call Here.

Taking Care of your Turkey Calls for Best Results

Turkey calls are often the wild game hunters best friend. However, improper care and maintenance of your turkey calls can lead to less than stellar performance out in the woods and fields. Here are some tricks and hints for taking care of your turkey calls and keeping them in shape for maximum effectiveness. See How to Keep Your Turkey Call in Tip Top Shape

Decoy Tips for your Turkey Hunting Excursion

One of the decisions that have to be made is whether or not a decoy is used for hunting these wonderful birds. Not every hunter likes to use decoys, but decoys do have their advantages when it comes to turkey hunting. A decoy arouses the suspicion of other turkeys and therefore if set in an open area, such as the edge of a field or beneath a mature oak forest, these decoys essentially are a visual call for other birds. Decoys are especially effective when calling the birds with turkey calls every once in a while. Get Tips on the Best Turkey Hunting Decoys Here

A Double Sleeping Bag Has Twice The Warmth

There is no doubt about it. Two campers can sleep much warmer when they are in a double sleeping bag together, than if they sleep apart in their own sleeping bags. All sleeping bags are built to isolate you from the cold air outside you, and trap your natural body heat to make sure you are warm during the night. The air is caught in the insulation in your sleeping bag, and is heated up by your natural body heat. This is what makes you warm and cozy in your sleeping bag. That is where you sleep warm from your own body heat. Find Out Why a Double Sleeping Bag is a Better Idea