Every Hunter Needs to Check State Laws Yearly!

Every hunter needs to know what the hunting regulations are in their state before beginning a hunt. Rules and turkey seasons can change and new dates may be in effect each year. It is your responsibility to know what licenses are required to hunt, if hunting classes are available and how many turkeys can be taken each year. Be Sure to Get Informed and know that Facts before You Shoot.

Hunter Education Class a Requirement for Turkey Hunting License?

Should turkey hunters be required to take an education class as a requirement for getting a turkey-hunting license? This is controversy that continues to rage in many wild game hunting circles. Here are some guidelines for understanding the basic requirements that many states have put forth regarding hunter education classes and requirements for turkey hunting licenses. Questions to Ask before Hunting Turkey in Your State

License Requirements for Turkey Hunting

Are you interested in becoming experienced in turkey hunting, but you are not sure what the hunting license requirements are? There are many things to check off before you can engage in turkey hunting. Here are some guidelines for how you can fulfill the hunting license requirements that are needed for legal turkey hunting. The requirements for a turkey-hunting license will vary according to your specific state. In general, however, you can expect to fulfill a set of requirements before you are given a turkey-hunting license. Continue Reading about Turkey Hunting License Requirements Here

Turkey Hunting Safely - Don't Get Shot

Each state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to turkey hunting, but these are all based on basic consideration for others and common sense. It's very rare that you will be in the woods hunting by yourself, so it makes sense to protect yourself from getting shot, and to prevent yourself from shooting others. Here are some tips to guarantee a safe turkey hunting season. Continue Reading about Good Hunting Safety Here

Turkey Hunting Safety Tips You Don't Want to Ignore

>Turkey Hunting Safety Tips You Don't Want to Ignore

Turkey hunting can be one of the most addictive of all the hunting pursuits. But turkey hunting, like most wild game hunting, can also be quite dangerous if you do not take the right kinds of precautions. Safety is key to ensure a safe and enjoyable wild turkey hunting expedition. Here are some important safety tips that you do not want to ignore. Ignore them at your own peril. Continue Reading More Safety Tips Here

Turkey Hunting Regulations by State

Be sure to look up hunting rules and regulations pertaining to your specific location before heading out on opening day. See our list to click on any state link and get important details for your planned hunting area. From there, you can can find your county which should include rules and regulation pamphlets that you can print, download, or order online for easy reference. Look Up Your State Hunting Regulations Here

After Your Hunt: Scoring that Big Bountiful Wild Turkey

Once you have completed a hunt and harvested your turkey or turkeys, you may want to score the wild turkeys. The National Wild Turkey Federation (or NWTF) acts as the main keeper of wild turkey scores. Since 1982 this organization has maintained record of turkey scores. You can use this organization to compare your wild turkey harvest to other records. Just for Fun - Score Your Turkey Here