Conversation Piece - Learning How to Preserve your Turkey Beard

Turkey Hunting Tips - Many wild game hunters choose to preserve part of their trophy kill as a remembrance of the hunting expedition, and to have a sort of conversation piece. The turkey beard has become one of the favored parts of the turkey to salvage and preserve as a kind of conversation piece.

Why Do So Many Wild Game Hunters Preserve the Turkey Beard?

Just why do so many wild game hunters choose to preserve the turkey beard, of all things? The reason that the turkey beard has become such a popular part of the turkey to preserve is because it is probably the easiest part of the turkey to remove and save. Many experienced hunters have their own method for removing and preserving the turkey beard. In general, however, the easiest way to remove a turkey beard is to just cut it off, let it dry and then store it in a clean, cool box. The turkey beard only has a little flesh attached to the end of it, which means that there is little chance the beard will become infested with insects and destroyed. Although the process of removing and preserving a turkey beard is relatively easy and intuitive, there are many small steps that you can take in order to ensure that your beard is well preserved.

How to Remove the Beard Safely

Here are some tips and guidelines for easy and safe removal of the turkey beard. First, pull the beard away from the turkey's body. Using a sharp knife or hunting scissors, pull the away as you carefully cut through the skin all around the beard. You want to separate the beard from the turkey's body as cleanly as possible, and without taking as much skin as possible. Many people don't bother with clean incisions. They simply get a firm hold on the beard at its base and give a hard jerk. Although this can certainly be an efficient way to remove the turkey beard, and it often works for very experienced hunters, your best bet is to remove the beard safely and cleaning using a knife or scissors.

What to Do Once You Have Removed the Turkey Beard

After you have removed the turkey beard, use your sharp knife to trim away as much of the flesh and skin as possible. You simply want to leave the cartilage that is holding the beard together. Any excess skin or flesh should be cleanly excised from the beard. Once you have this clean beard, prepare a small container with Borax. Place the flesh base of the beard into the small container and let it dry and preserve for at least a week. You can use many different types of Borax products. The easiest one to use is the 20 Mule Team Borax that you can purchase as a laundry additive at your local store.

The Next Step in Preserving Your Turkey Beard

After the week of Borax preservation has passed, you can remove the beard from the box. Make sure that it has dried thoroughly. Brush off the turkey beard and prepare it for display. There are many ways to display your turkey beard prominently. Use your imagination for creating a memorable and prominent display for your turkey beard. If you are creating a collection of turkey beards, consider purchasing or making a wooden beard rack that allows you to put on display all your turkey beards in an organized display case. Another easy way to display your turkey beard is to simply hang it as part of a mount of the wild turkey. Many hunters display their turkey beard along with the spurs and fan mount. Some hunters glue their turkey beards into decorative shotgun shells. There are many different ways to display your turkey beards. The only limit is your imagination.