Selling Your Turkey Feathers for Real Money?

A common question is if a turkey hunter can sell the feathers after the hunt. The answer is possibly yes but you need to do your research as each state has its own regulations regarding the re-use and selling of turkey feathers. States that allow Turkey Hunting are probably going to be less restrictive but you can get a final answer on selling your feathers by checking first with the The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Once you have gotten the final Ok, you will need to take time to Sanitize, Clean and Preserve your feathers properly. Birds are well know to have mites and lice which must be removed. This can be accomplished by placing the feathers in an airtight container for 24 hours with a handful of mothballs. After completing the mothball treatment, it's time to kill any bacteria that may be residing in the feathers. This is done by soaking the feathers in a equal mix of hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol for an hour.

Once you have completed the above two steps, now it is finally time to wash your feathers. You can gently remove stains and any remaining dirt by using a mild hand soap. Once washed and rinsed, You can dry the quill feathers by finding a warm sunny spot in the yard to lay them out on a slightly breezy day if possible. You should lay them in a single layer side by side on a large flat sheet or towel.

For the other body feathers like the smaller plumage, it is easier to place them in a large box. You can still put them in the sun with the box top open as long as they are not being blown out. In this case, they can be in a few layers as long as you take a minute to hand stir them every hour or so to keep them from sticking together. After they are completely dried you can store them in a airtight plastic container or bag for future use.

If you would like to consider selling your feathers, there are many options available. To maximize your profits, you should consider selling your feathers as part of a finished product rather then selling them in bulk. There are many sellers on ebay, etsy and amazon who have created unique items that they make themselves to sell. Two example would be feather earrings and wreaths which are both very popular.

Once you find your niche and begin selling products, you will probably need to get more feathers then you will be able to acquire through hunting. Buying feathers online is easy and will offer the option of adding new colors that can complement your natural feather designs. A great source for feathers is www.SmileyMe.Com which offer Bulk Turkey Feathers in lots of colors and all natural styles too. I have been ordering bulk feathers from them for years and have always been happy with their selection.

In the end, whether you make items to sell or decide to just sell what you have, you can offer your feathers to a wholesaler or resale supplier and will get about $20 per lb for anything you can supply.