Before the Hunt: Preparing Yourself For Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting: Before the Hunt

Before you depart on your turkey hunting trip it is imperative that you prepare for the situation. While you may not use every item you pack it is better to have a few too many supplies versus not enough.

When packing for turkey hunting there is a lot of equipment you will need. The first piece of equipment is a shotgun. You will also need turkey loads as well as a turkey choke tube. You should bring patterning targets and a camo blind where it is legal. You should pack a seat, a cushioned stool, a shotgun sling, turkey decoys, a camera, a gun rest, as well as a chair and a TheramCell. You will also want to pack ratchet cutters, insect repellent, a knife, a compass, maps, a flashlight, trail ribbon, camo tape, and binoculars. Lastly, be sure to bring a first aid kit, a water bottle, and a cooler.

In terms of clothes for turkey hunting you will want to ensure you bring camo gloves, a camo facenet, camo paint and make up, a camo shirt, camo pants, a camo jacket, and a camo pack or turkey vest. You will also want to bring a camo cap, camo socks, camo undershirts, a rain suit, and waterproof and snakeproof boots.

As for calls for your turkey hunting you will want to bring a box call, diaphragm calls, a glass call, a gobble call, a tube call, a peg call, a push-pin call, a turpin call, a crow call, an owl hooter call, and any other locator calls. As for the call accessories you will want to pack box call chalk, sandpaper, a box call holster, and a call lanyard. If you use a bow instead of a shotgun, you will also need archery gear for turkey hunting including a camouflaged bow, broadheads, 3-D targets, and 3-D camo clothes.

Turkey Hunting To-Do List

Once you are packed with everything you need you must move on to your to-do list. The first thing you must do for a hunt is to get turkey tags or a license. You must then get a pattern shotgun. You must scout the territory and get permission from the landowner where you will be hunting. Showing up with a gift for the land owner does wonders. You will also need to practice your turkey calling. You should familiarize yourself with turkey hunting by reading books and watching instructional videos before you try it yourself. On this website, you can pick up tips and safety information that you will need while on the hunt. Be sure to get membership with organizations such as NWTF and then attend local banquets or events for your local chapter.

After you have gathered all of the necessary equipment and done everything on your to-do list you will be well prepared to begin your next turkey hunt.