After Your Hunt: Scoring that Big Bountiful Wild Turkey

Turkey Scoring

Once you have completed a hunt and harvested your turkey or turkeys, you may want to score the wild turkeys. The National Wild Turkey Federation (or NWTF) acts as the main keeper of wild turkey scores. Since 1982 this organization has maintained record of turkey scores. You can use this organization to compare your wild turkey harvest to other records.

When you are enjoying turkey hunting, you will want to calculate the score using a scoring calculator. Before you score your turkey, you should ensure you take all proper measurements to within 1/16th of an inch. Then take these measurements and convert them to decimals. If you are a member of organizations such as NWTF or have a license from another state where you harvested the bird, you have to verify all of your measurements.

Steps to Scoring Your Turkey for Statistical Purposes

The first step in scoring after your turkey hunting is to weigh the bird. Be sure to take the weight in pounds as well as in ounces and then convert the ounces to decimals. The second step in scoring after your turkey hunting is to measure each spur. The spurs have to be measured the length of the exterior, and the center. You should begin at the point where the spur sticks out from the skin of the leg and go up to the tip of the spur. Then add the spur measurements together and multiple the combined length by 10. The number you get is the points you receive for the spurs.

The third step is to measure the beard length. This must be measured from the center point of the skin to the tip of the skin. Then you must convert this into decimals. Once this is done, multiple it by 2. The number you get is the number of points you will receive for the beard length. Once this is done, the next step in scoring after your turkey hunting is to add the weight with the points you received for the spurs and the bear. The total amount is the score you will get for your turkey.

Once you have taken the records, remember that in order to receive an official certificate for your turkey or to be put into the hall of records by the NWTF, you need an official from the organization to come out and score your turkey by hand. Once an official scorer has your record, it can be saved in the record books and you can receive an official certificate for your prize turkey, or receive a score sheet plaque for your hard work. Either way, if you harvest a large or significant turkey during your next turkey hunting, you can get your name in the history books by scoring it.