Kill Shot Tips for the Turkey Bow hunter

Are you interested in going turkey shooting with a bow and arrow? If so, here are some tips for getting you started. Turkey hunting with a bow and arrow is, after all, very different than shooting with a shotgun. Bow and arrow hunting requires many different considerations than conventional shotgun hunting. Here are some tips to get you started.

The Ultimate Challenge for Turkey Hunters

Why is bow and arrow turkey hunting experiencing such a renaissance with hunters? More and more hunters are reaching for the bow and arrow because this type of hunting is often one of the biggest challenges that you will experience. Turkey hunting tests your accuracy, patience, as well as your nerves. It is a challenging experience that requires a new mindset and set of skills. It is no wonder that so many turkey hunters turn to bow hunting when they are looking for a new challenge.

Remember that Bow Hunting is Different

One of the classic mistakes that many newcomers to bow hunting tend to make is that they forget it is much more different than conventional hunting, which relies on a firearm. If you can remember that bow hunting requires a new set of skills and attitude, you will fare much better than if you resist the differences between the two hunting styles. Be prepared to learn more about the animal's anatomy and a whole different set of physical skills.

Learning About the Turkey's Body

There are certain things that you should know when you are learning to become a bow hunter. You should learn certain things about the turkey's anatomy. For instance, you should learn that a turkey's body is covered with 4,000 to 5,000 feathers. The feathers are layered in multiple thick shields. You should also know that the average turkey has plenty of muscle, cartilage and bone that act as a powerful protection against swift penetration. Learning about the turkey's major organs can help you become a better bow hunter. The average turkey has a heart and set of lungs that are about the size of a small orange, combined. In general, conventional turkey hunting requires that hunter to aim at the turkey's head and neck for a clean shot. However, this is different for the bow hunter. The successful bow hunter should aim for a different kill zone.

The Three Main Shots in Bow Hunting

In bow hunting, there are three main kill zones. These are the three main shots that you need to worry about. The first is the straight-on chest shot. This is a high percentage shot. Aiming for this shot, however, puts you at risk of severing the beard. The second shot is known as the broadside shot. When shooting a turkey sideways, you should aim for the base of the turkey's wing. This will cause the wing to become pinned to the turkey's body. This type of shot will prevent the turkey from flying away. This shot is also known to be clean, because it will usually penetrate the vitals for a clean and fast kill. The third kill zone should be tried when the turkey is in full strut and facing away from the hunter. This offers a presentable shot. The arrow should ideally penetrate the backside of the turkey. This type of shot will tend to severe the spine and pass through the mid-section of the body. It is known to penetrate the main organs, causing the bird to become immobile.

More Tips for the Bow Hunter

Generally speaking, a straight-on shot is known as a high percentage shot. The best shot is almost always the safest shot. Always be careful of other hunters in the same area.