During the Turkey Hunt: Achieving Pattern Perfection

Turkey Hunting Shot Patterns

When you first prepare for turkey hunting, you will hear a lot about which guns work best. But no matter what, you will want to rely on a gun which is comfortable for you when shooting and which you are confident using.

Turkey Hunting Chokes

The best turkey hunting gun is one which has a good turkey choke. This element has more constriction than using full chokes, and they are often labelled with things such as Full or extra full. But remember that there is such a thing as too much constriction. You can constrict your shot to the point that your pattern falls apart, and this can leave you with pellets becoming deformed or bouncing off each other. In the end, it results in large holes in your pattern. If this is the case, you will want to find a more open constriction or look for a smaller shot size.

Turkey Hunting Ammunition

When you choose your ammunition for turkey hunting remember that it can have a drastic impact on your pattern. The only way to figure out which is best is to shoot a variety and vary your brands and shot sizes. Find the one which gives you the most consistent pattern each time.

Shot Patterns

When you are turkey hunting, you want to aim for 100 pellets within a ten inch circle, shot at forty yards. This is an ideal pattern. The density of this pattern means you have enough pellets shot in a small and vital area of the turkeys neck and head so as to kill it in an ethical manner.

Forty Yards Maximum Range

As a hunter you want to shoot at forty yards because this is the greatest space that the Turkey Hunting Safety Task Force promotes. It is the distance which has been determined to ethically kill a turkey when using a shotgun.

Dialing In Your Shot

Conduct some tests on a thirty inch target. You can use butcher paper or craft paper as targets too. If you are doing this, draw a two inch circle in the center of the paper and color it using a marker. Then draw another ten inch circle on top of that. Measure a distance of forty yards from this and then shoot with a brace or a bench to reduce human error. Write down the results on each target and make a note of the brand, choke constriction, ammunition used, and so forth. Shoot a variety of ammo and compare your results. Then select the round which offers you the densest pattern.

Remember that after you have taken a few trips to the local shooting range for practice, you will feel much better about your upcoming turkey hunting. With practice you can gain the confidence you need to produce the results you want.