The Turkey Hunting Gear You Gotta Have List

Turkey Hunting Gear

At times it can be a hard task to know what equipment you really need when you're starting out turkey hunting. It can also be a real pain getting all your tackle together for a trip and making sure you're not overlooking something critical, even if you have been hunting for a while and have everything you need. That's where this checklist comes in. Print it and use it when shopping for equipment or when packing for a trip.

Face net, gloves (the fingerless kind), makeup, paint, pants, shirt, turkey hunting vest or pack, socks and undershirts (all in camo print). A blaze orange vest is recommended for moving around, and an orange bag for carrying your kill out of the woods, so it won't be mistaken for a live turkey. You'll also need a rain suit and a hat with a brim or a bill that will cast a shadow over your face and protect it from the rays of the sun.

You'll need snake-proof, waterproof boots for turkey hunting. We recommend comfortable hiking boots that will provide the support you need. Socks are also important. We recommend a liner sock that wicks moisture, along with a heavier wool sock for warmth.

Turkey Hunting Equipment:
Turkey hunting shotgun with shells and sling, camo (or other pattern) blind, topographic maps, compass or GPS, ratchet cutters, knife, flashlight, insect repellent, binoculars, decoys (where legal), trail ribbon, water bottle, cooler, camo tape and first aid kit. If you do your turkey hunting with a bow, remember to walk with your accessories: arrows, finger tab, release, quiver, broad heads and of course, the bow. Make sure you've practiced extensively with your turkey hunting weapon of choice.

This should always be fully charged, and ready for any emergency. It will also help you pass the time, and you can use it to take pictures. If you bookmark this website, you can check out more articles while you wait in the woods for that gobbler to show up.

Turkey Calls:
Whether you use slate calls, box calls or mouth calls when turkey hunting, remember to pack the one (or the combination) that's right for you. Also remember to walk with call accessories, such as sandpaper, box call holster and chalk, and a call lanyard.

Warm Padded Seat:
You'll need a stool or other warm padded seat if you plan to sit on the ground. If you would like to be more elevated, a folding camp chair can work but be sure test it first as a loud creaking or noisy chair is not the best option in the woods when being quiet it of upmost importance.

Don't forget to walk with any permits or licenses that may be required and don't forget the one most important thing... you. Turkey hunting can be physically demanding. Prepare early for the steep hills, long walks and weather conditions. You should do some pre-scouting, and any other exercise that will help you get ready for your turkey hunting expedition.