Turkey Recovery after the Shot - Tips to Watch Out For

Most people do not know that game recovery is one of the most important parts of the hunting trip. It is the crucial in first seconds after the shot. The hunter will have to find the turkey and it is a very serious part of the whole hunting experience.

It is very important that right after the shot of a gun, or the release of an arrow, the hunter looks exactly at what happens. It is important to see if the turkey is down or if it is running. Should the turkey be running, it is important to see in which direction the turkey ran and what the bird looked like. Even better is if the hunter was able to see where he hit the turkey. Then he is more likely to know what is going to happen next. If a perfect shot into the head or the neck of a turkey was achieved with the gun, then the hunter knows that the bird will most likely die instantly. On the other hand, if the turkey was hit somewhere in the rest of the body, it is most likely only wounded and will be on a wild run after the shot. Depending on where the hunter shot the animal, he might also have a small blood trail that he can follow.

After seeing where the turkey was hit, or even if the hunter did not exactly see where the turkey was hit, it is important to follow the birds direction of run with the eyes. It is of utmost importance to follow the bird with the eyes until it is completely out of sight, to be able to determine where to find the bird. Should the hunter carry binoculars, this is the time to use them to see exactly where the gobbler is headed.

Additionally, as just mentioned above, it is important to remember what the bird looked like, since the hunter wants to make sure that the gobbler he is about to tag is his and not anybody elses.

There are actually two general theories in turkey hunting about the recovery process. The one is as mentioned above, wait and see, but the other is actually the opposite. Some hunters think that it is best to get going on recovery procedures immediately. It means that as soon as the hunter gave off his shot, he needs to get out there and grab the bird. Some of the birds are in shock and are much easier to recover this way than when running after the bird. Even when hit in the body, turkeys can run long after they were shot very similar to their domestic counterparts.

Some of the turkeys get away only after they were shot because sometimes it is difficult for even an experienced hunter to recover game that is on the run.

One thing the hunter might want to keep in mind is to check for other hunters that might be after the turkey the same turkey. Stepping out into the open while somebody else is aiming at the turkey might be a great danger for the hunter.

Whichever is the chosen method, hopefully the hunter will be able to retrieve his bird. After all, it is very sad if the hunter gave of a shot knowing that he actually hit the bird and then he is not able to have anything to show to friends and family. Hopefully, these tips will help any hunter on his way to a successful recovery and a bird for the dinner table. After all, turkey is one of the favorite dinner foods at Thanksgiving ever since the first turkeys were served for dinner in the early years. Therefore, recovery of a turkey can make the next Thanksgiving dinner an extra special one.