What is a Good Gun Cleaning Kit?

Being a firearm enthusiast entails its own responsibilities and one of which is owning a good gun cleaning kit. A good kit should have  all the things needed to provide your gun the utmost care it deserves. A basic set will typically include : a bottle of solvent, a bottle of lubricating oil, a rod, a jag, a patch holder and some patches. In most cases, you have to purchase a bore cleaning brush separately because they come in different sizes for various calibers of guns.

If your gun only needs basic cleaning  , your brush should be made of bronze rather than  plastic or stainless steel. If you want to switch to a plastic bore brush, you purchase a super powerful solvent that is meant to melt down copper fouling. Bronze brushes will be dissolved by such solvents so plastic is highly advisable. Gun cleaning kits are readily available and there are many brands to choose from. You can actually get away with a $10 kit.

For the cleaners and lubricants, look for products that are made with the purest ingredients that have been tested to perform under extreme weather conditions. You'll never know where your shooting or hunting escapade will lead you so it’s good to know that your good old firearm can handle it if you needed it to. As a shooter or hunter, you want to have the assurance that your gun will work precisely time after time. You can achieve this by learning to pay meticulous attention to each detail.

What other gun cleaning supplies you will need aside from the basic kit? It will be nice if you have an old toothbrush, some cotton swabs, pipe cleaners and cleaning rags in your kit. Some of them are simply nice to come in handy while some are close to being essential. Some people hate using cotton swabs because they tend to leave lint behind but if you're extra careful, they work pretty well. For pipe cleaners, you need to look for one that is made of cotton and is designed to clean and reach small awkward spaces.

Just a reminder, everytime you do your cleaning, make sure you use several layers of newspapers laid out on a large plastic garbage sack. This will keep any dripped or spilled solvent from damaging your table or furniture.

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