White Tail Deer Story

One day last season my uncle and I were scouting just upon dark and we came within view of a nice whitetail buck that had beggun rutting. The buck had gone to pawing up the turf and that was a five-star sign as the season had just started. The deer season had recently launched, so this was a great sign to find bucks rutting at the onset of deer season.

After glaring the situation over, I arose to the view that the buck should hold up out on a very small peninsula that jutted out into the stream that we saw him by. After jumping the buck, he took of right to his hiding place.

Although I rarely hunt anymore largely because of my bad health, I came to an agreement to go out on a hunt with my uncle last fall to try our skills at this buck. I wasn't going to hunt, but simply help with advancing and calling to divert the buck from where he was, to what was sure to be his end or so me and him imagined.

Whitetail bucks time and again have a few secrets that they need to disclose to you at the moment of decision. This whitetail was unaware that he had just revealed his hiding spot to us.

The plan was perfect or so we thought. Here's the explanation! My uncle was to get into position where he could scout out the Whitetail bucks cut loose route, which he did.

I was to progress my way down along the stream and easily move that white tail buck out of his hiding space, and into the open. So I began my migration along the stream, to the right and a bit ahead of me. To my other side was a significant clear cut area.

In front of me was the only wooded area around. I concluded the buck was in front of me, because I had always jumped him in the time of my scouting excursions.

As I nonchalantly made my way down to the bucks peninsula and calling every so consistently, everything was falling into place. Or so I surmised. Just as I entered his hiding spot, I caught flash of him bounding off in the direction that he was presumed to go. But he didn't seem to be in to big of a hurry.

So I slowly made off into the direction that he was bound for. Up front of me was a low brook that entered the stream with a beaver dam. This was the ambush point or so we assumed. What occurred was, as the buck was about to navigate the small brook, I came out of the wooded area and it was right close to the last of authorized shooting period and as I came out into the open, I saw the flag of a deers tail but couldn't make out if it was a buck or a doe.

It was a cloudy drizzly day and so I begun to call excessively and often to get my uncles attention. I didn't know that I was distracting his attention from the buck, which permitted the buck to depart unharmed.

After meeting up with my uncle he told me that we dam near had him. The buck had alot of points with tall tines he said. Oh well we will try him again in the future.

It just goes to show that Ya, just never know.